Holopticism in social networks

Today popular social networks provide very partial holopticism for their participants. Participants are not aware of the community as a whole. These communities can't evolve towards GCI.

The reason why holopticism is not provided yet in social networks is because holoptical data has high market value in the conventional money model. Holoptical data should be kept scarce and secret, only available for those in charge of the social network.

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What is holopticism? on Vimeo

What is holopticism? on Vimeo

Rough cut of animation exploring the essence of holopticism.

Holopticism - Jean-François Noubel

summary by @ddrrnt at Global Guts

Noubel describes a holoptical space that is attained through an “artificially reconstituted reality involving modeled representations of the Whole.” Participants who engage this Whole are said to be experiencing “Holopticism” which allows them to adjust actions and coordinate.  Each user is provided “artificially synthesized information” which lends a “point of view” and fits their situation. He suggests there is a feedback loop that “works like a mirror between the individual level and the collective one.”

Noubel further clarifies the state of Holopticism:

“Holopticism is a natural quality of original collective intelligence (OCI). OCI is possible only in holoptical environments, in other words in physical spaces in which our natural senses can access the totality of what happens.”

He envisions that Holoptical communities will evolve toward “self-reflexion, self-actualization, higher consciousness and a high capacity to cohere in the being and the doing.”  He mentions their potential to become a global wisdom driven organizations.

Holopticism is a combination of Greek words holos (whole, holistic, holography...), optiké (vision) and tekhné (art, technique). It expresses the capacity for players in a given organization (or group) to perceive the emerging whole of the organization as if it were a unique entity, be it in a natural physical space or an online space.

via thetransitioner.org

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